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Pool Party Decoration Idea DIY Pool Noodle Garland

Here’s a fun and unique idea for pool party decorations! Pool noodles are easy to find and you can buy a bunch without spending too much of your party budget. Believe it or not, this was actually a very quick project to put together! Here’s how:

DIY Pool Noodle Garland
Pool noodle(s)
Sharp knife
Monofilament (fishing line)
Large Needle (I used a paper crafting needle)

To make this quirky garland, I just used a knife to slice the pool noodles crosswise, then sewed the circles together using the clear monofilament. That’s all there is to it! Quick, easy and cheap – my favorite type of craft :)!

Funny side note – I actually thought I invented this idea until I did a Google search and saw tons of them :)!

Beach Party Water Bottle Wraps DIY

Water bottle wraps are perfect for taking a boring but much-needed party supply to the next level! The downside is that icy cold water bottles are usually not friendly to paper print-outs, which can lead to a soggy paper mess. Here’s how to make fun water bottle wraps that will make a splash at your next party without melting in the meantime :).

DIY Water Bottle Wraps:

Bottled Water
Clip art with a transparent or white background
Transparency Film for Ink Jet Printers (I used 3M brand)
Ink jet printer
Glue dots

1. Remove the original labels from the water bottles, then measure to find the size you will need for your wraps.
2. In Microsoft Word or a similar program, design a row of images using clip art found in the program (like I did), or with other clip art (as long as it it clear or on a white background).
3. Duplicate the row as many times as needed to make enough wraps for all of your water bottles. Remember to leave enough space between the rows and on each side to cut out a large enough wrap. (TIP: it’s not a big deal if the wrap overlaps a little in the back or doesn’t completely cover, but you may need to design your page in landscape mode if your water bottles are extra large.
4. Print the designs onto the transparency paper, following the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually means printing on the “rough” side of the paper. IMPORTANT: for words, you will need to print a mirror image. Check your printer options for instructions on how to do this.
5. Allow the print-outs to dry before cutting the wraps.
6. After cutting out each row to your desired size, flip the “rough” (printed) side in toward the bottle and attach the wrap using a glue dot for each corner.

That’s all there is to it! We used these for my son’s back yard beach party last summer, and they were perfect – stood up to the water slide, pool, slip-in-slide, bubbles – you name it :)!

Robot Birthday Party Costumes in Action

Many thanks to Candace Miller, of lillypaul designs, for sending in some adorable pictures of a robot birthday party she threw for her son! Candace used the free DIY Robot Costume printable by Lovely Party Things to create a cute and fun party activity for the kids! I love this photo of a little girl pressing the “buttons” on the front of her robot costume – that’s exactly what my kids do when they play with them too! Kids have wonderful imaginations, so it’s a blast to watch them play with the robot costumes and see what cool things their robots can do :). I noticed that Candace used ribbons to attach the costume together – what a great idea! I have to say, it looks better than using poster board strips, like I did for the robot costume tutorial. Just look at the kids, I mean robots all lined up together – I love it :)! Thanks again for sharing, Candace. Be sure to stop by and see what Candace has put together on her party styling site – she has so many great ideas! If you have photos of ways you’ve used your goodies from Lovely Party Things, please send them in – I can’t wait to see them in action :)!

Beach Party Birthday Cake

Last summer, I threw a backyard beach party for my son’s 5th birthday. We don’t live near an actual beach, so we improvised with an inflatable water slide, kiddie pool, slip ‘n slide, bubbles and lots of water toys! I found tons of ideas on Pinterest for beach party snacks and decorations, too. The cake was inspired by three different recipes: Teddy at the Beach by Betty Crocker, this Hawaiian Beach Cake, from Family Fun and this Kit Kat Cake!

Everyone loved this cake, and it was very easy to create! I just made two round cakes, frosted them with blue icing, and added Kit Kat bars around the outside of the cake, secured with ribbon. Next, I added brown sugar to half of the top of the cake to create a sandy beach. I used some decorative plastic palm trees and a drink umbrella to complete the beach scene. Finally, I crowded in lots of Teddy Graham beach bums :)! Some were floating in fruit ring inner tubes, while others sunned on the beach on fruit-by-the-foot beach towels.

If you’re looking for a fun cake idea for your next beach party, you’ve got to try this :)!

DIY Robot Costume Printables and Tutorial {Free!}

 Printable Robot Costume and Tutorial

When my son turned four, I put together a fun Robot Birthday Party for him, you can read all about it right here on my family blog: Robot Birthday Party Ideas. The printables I used to create robot costumes for his party are no longer available, so I decided to design some of my own to share with you :).
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Lovely Party Things: A Place for Party Ideas and Inspiration!

At my house, we love parties – even the smallest occasion is cause for celebration! When I really stop to think about it, I believe the reason we love parties so much is because they are rooted in LOVE. We celebrate to show appreciation, support and respect for our friends and loved ones… OK, well, maybe the kids have another top reason to love parties: SWEETS!  Regardless of your reason to celebrate, I hope this place will bring you lots of inspiring ideas and tips for your parties! Please visit regularly and feel free to share your party ideas too :)!


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